Himalayan Glow Lamp 

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Our high-quality Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp is hand-carved and made from the natural crystal or rock pieces obtained from Himalayan Mountains. Each Himalayan Glow Lamp is chosen for its faceted beauty and distinct hues. 

The salt crystals are developed through a 250 million-year-old dried sea bed. These rocks are now transformed into lamps that emit a primordial glow when it’s illuminated. 

People often love to sit around our Himalayan glow natural salt lamps, as they feel calm and relaxed around these natural light sources. 

Features of Himalayan Glow Lamp:

Himalayan Glow Salt Crystal Lamp is made from 100% pure Himalayan salt rock pieces that are obtained from the Himalayan Mountains in India. Some of these natural lamps are made from Neem wood and further hand-crafted in the shape of aesthetic decor pieces and lighting fixtures. 

The Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp also includes a natural base, which is made from other wooden materials that are shrink-resistant, durable and also termite-resistant. 

Rangdaar creates modern, designer salt lamps to suit and match any home decor. By using the pink rock salt lamp as a soothing and gentle night light regularly, one can easily create a relaxing and romantic mood. Hence, it also serves as a perfect gift item. 

Different Sizes & Styles: Our Himalayan rock salt lamp is designed in different shapes and sized to match decor themes of any living space or workplace.

Perfect Gift Choice: The specially-crafted gift boxes of each himalayan crystal salt lamp are the thoughtful gift items for different special occasions like Diwali, Birthdays, New Year, etc. It is a perfect gift option for any loved one, as it can help in brightening up their mood while creating a subtle yet attractive indoor ambience. 

Safety and Quality: Natural himalayan salt lamp come with certified cords, patented switches, dimmers and quality light bulbs to complement the aesthetics of any home or office interior. 

Customer Satisfaction: Rangdaar always stands strong behind each natural and handmade product, as we listen to what our customers demand or want. If for any reason you don’t like our Himalayan Salt Lamp or want to exchange it, you can easily do so with our simple return policy.