Himalayan Rock Salt 

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Himalayan rock salt lamps are made from large chunks of Himalayan rocks and fixing a light bulb inside them. Each piece has a distinctive appearance by emitting a warm subtle glow when lit. 

A true Himalayan mineral salt lamp is the result of salt crystals harvested from the mountains in India. 

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp FAQs

Do I need to keep Himalayan salt rock light on all the time?

No, there’s no need to keep it on all the time. It’s recommended to keep your Himalayan salt lamp on when you’re at home or office but not throughout the day. 

If I keep my Himalayan Salt Lamp off will it eventually melt away?

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is known to absorb moisture from its surrounding air. So, when these are turned off they may “cry” or melt if the weather is very humid or if you reside near a beach. For preventing a melt-away, it’s best to cover it with a plastic bag and tuck it under the lamp’s base for preventing moisture. 

How does a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp work?

When a bulb within the lamp is switched on and it gets heated, the salt begins to release negative ions that counteract positive ion allergens or pollutants in the air. So, natural air purifying himalayan salt lamp used for aiding respiratory issues like Sinus, Asthma and Allergies. 

Does the colour of large Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp matter? 

All the colours of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps contain certain minerals that provide specific health benefits. The darker the orange and red colours, the higher is the iron content found in the crystal. When a bulb is placed within the lamp and it’s heated, the salt crystals start releasing negative ions to counteract positive ion pollutants in the air, despite the colour of a lamp. However, many people still consider the darker coloured rock crystals to have a more pleasant and calming effect, particularly in the bedrooms. 

Can I purchase replacement cords and bulbs?

Yes, you can easily buy replacement cords and bulbs of these all-natural lamps online.