Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp 

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Our top-quality Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are made from chunks of all natural Himalayan salt crystals. They double up as aesthetic decor pieces and natural light sources. 

The natural crystal Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps have diverse benefits that extend beyond its aesthetic quality. Together with a light source within the lamps, these salt crystal pieces produce negative ions that generate positive effects around. 

How do these all-natural salt lamps work?

One way that the Himalayan natural crystal salt lamp is expected to work is by air ionization, which is a process of emitting negative ions into the indoor air. 

Even due to the natural disturbance of water molecules naturally, negative ions are produced. Rain showers, waterfalls and sea waves or tides – all produce negative ions. Likewise, commercial air ionizers, such as pink rock salt lamps, also generate negative ions.

When these negative ions come in contact with positive ions of allergens, dust particles or pollutants, all these particles drop down, making the indoor air fresh and clean to breathe. 

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamp

By placing a natural Himalayan salt lamp in each room can reap many environmental and health benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows:

1. Balance Electromagnetic Radiation: Everyday use of different electronic devices like cell phones, televisions, tablets and computers releases positive ions in the air. But when these positive ions come in contact with the negative ions produced by Himalayan salt lamps, electromagnetic radiation is induced to neutralize the surroundings, while reducing artificial frequencies. The balanced electromagnetic radiation further improves the indoor air quality, leaving clean indoor air for breathing.

2. Deodorize and Purify Air: Orange Himalayan salt lamps help in cleaning the air via a process called hygroscopy that absorbs and attracts contaminated water molecules and locks them into the crystal. Due to this process, these salt lamps can easily remove dust, cigarette smoke and other air contaminants. 

3. Reduce Asthma & Calm Allergies: Pure Himalayan salt lamps filter mould, dust, pet dander and mildew from indoor air. Just like a nasal spray, the natural himalayan rock salt lamp also help in relieving asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. 

4. Raise Energy Levels: The positive ions in an indoor environment can deplete the body’s energy. But Himalayan salt lamps are known to do the opposite, as it releases negative ions. Hence, it helps in raising energy levels. 

5. Enhance Mood: According to different studies, negative ions are known to improve energy levels and improve your mood by enhancing serotonin production within the brain. Therefore, these lamps are beneficial for people suffering from depression or sadness.