Himalayan stone lamp 

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Due to the claimed health benefits, the Himalayan stone lamp has become popular in the past few years. These lamps also appeal to people who are willing to enjoy a natural lifestyle. 

The best Himalayan stone lamp is made from the large pieces of pink Himalayan salt. This salt crystal is further carved from the centre to fit a light bulb or any other heat source within. 

People prefer to buy Himalayan stone lamps coming from the Himalayan Mountains in Asia due to their authenticity and purity. The pink Himalayan salt lamp is reported to contain high iron mineral content. 

These natural himalayan salt lamps have gained popularity in recent years and often appear in many home decor and spa magazines. You can buy them for home or office use. 

By utilizing a salt lamp at work, you can improve your regular concentration while increasing your productivity and enhancing the environment. The Himalayan salt stone lamp cleans the air and ambience due to the transformation cycle of oxygen and hydrogen, as well as chloride and sodium ions. 

How do all-natural lamps work?

The Himalayan salt stone lamps work by emitting negative ions in the surrounding air by a process called air ionization. Due to the disturbance of water particles in waterfalls, crashing waves and rain showers, negative ions produce naturally. Even commercial air ionizers like a Himalayan salt stone lamp can emit negative ions. 

According to some studies, air ionization has certain health benefits like improved cognitive performance. However, there is no valid proof that Himalayan salt lamps can generate a measurable amount of negative ions. But many users have claimed that they’ve noticed reduced stress or tension and improved sleep after using these salt lamps. 

Other studies also claim that water vapours found in the air containing toxins or pollutants attract to these rock salt lamps. Due to this process, the toxins or pollutants fall on the rock while leaving clear air in the surroundings. 


Himalayan salt stone lamp benefits


  •          Aids better sleep quality
  •          Enhance your mood
  •          Boosts the blood flow
  •          Reduces stress levels
  •          Improves concentration
  •          Promoted relaxation
  •          Calms down allergies
  •          Creates electromagnetic radiation balance
  •          Assists in increasing energy levels and decreasing laziness
  •          Opens up airwaves of respiratory duct and hence, good for asthma patients
  •          Eliminates common cold and coughing 
  •          Cleanses/purifies and deodorize the indoor air