White Himalayan Salt Lamp 

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Our white Himalayan Salt Lamp is a natural ionic generator and one-of-a-kind all-natural lamp. The negative ions are emitted when moisture and humidity evaporate via any salt medium like the aesthetic Himalayan salt lamps. These ions further attach to positive ions of dust and allergens found in the surrounding air and hence, make those dust particles drop. As a result, the surrounding air is left clean and free of toxic ions that may cause allergic reactions like stuffy nose, sneezing or other respiratory issues. 

Using the white Himalayan salt lamp, you can achieve a relaxed state to enjoy profound health benefits while taking your mind and body to the ultimate relaxation zone. These all-natural lamps’ sizes vary from 16 to 19 inches tall and emit many negative ions when lamps heat up. 

Each Himalayan rock salt lamp is an epitome of mystery and beauty and found in different Himalayan regions in Asia. Untouched for over 250-million years, such natural stone lamps possess the most organic way to stimulate and purify the indoor home or office environment. 

For centuries, the majestic Himalayan Mountain Ranges are known to harness the magical power of rock crystals for restoring energy while enhancing your mood and preventing respiratory issues, such as allergic reactions, cold, asthma and more. 

Following are some of the white Himalayan salt lamp benefits -

  • Purifies, deodorizes, and cleanses the indoor air

  • Enhances your mood while rejuvenating your body after a tiring day at work

  • Eases coughing and alleviates common cold symptoms

  • Clams allergies and reduces the presence of toxins and pollutants in indoor air

  • Boosts the energy level in the morning while reducing laziness

  • Helps in opening respiratory tracts and hence, considered good for asthma or allergy suffers

  • Assists in increasing your concentration level

  • Promotes relaxation and boosts blood flow

  • Assures quality sleep 

  • Reduces stress levels and create a happy sensation

  • Creates a perfect balance wherever electromagnetic radiation occurs