Skin Benefits of pure Himalayan salt lamp

10 Easy Skin Benefits of pure Himalayan salt lamp

Pink Himalayan salt chunks could be a sort of salt that is naturally pink in color and mined near the Himalayas in Pakistan.

Pink Himalayan salt is commonly thought to be much healthier than regular salt. However, little research on pink Himalayan salt exists, and others insist that these extravagant health claims are nothing over speculation.

The pink Himalayan salt harvested from this mine is believed to have been formed countless years ago from the evaporation of ancient water bodies. Many people use Himalayan salt benefits for skin as well. 

The salt is hand-extracted and minimally processed to yield a crude product freed from additives and thought to be far more natural than flavorer. Like salt, pink Himalayan salt is generally composed of common salt.

However, the natural harvesting process allows pink Himalayan salt to possess many other minerals and trace elements that do not seem to be regular seasoners.

Some people estimate the Himalayan salt chunks should contain up to 84 different minerals and trace elements. It is these very minerals, especially iron, that provide it its characteristic pink color.

Pink Himalayan salt contains most of those claims and does not have any research to support them.

Some of the pink Himalayan salt’s commonly promoted health claims include that it can:

  • Improve respiratory diseases
  • Balance your body’s pH
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Regulate glucose
  • Increase libido

The use of salt caves as a treatment for various lung diseases has been evaluated during a few studies. The results suggest that there might be some benefits, but overall, more rigorous research is required to analyze their effectiveness.

On the opposite hand, many of these health claims are just normal functions of common salt within the body so that you will benefit from any quiet salt.

Furthermore, blood glucose levels, aging and libido are all primarily controlled by factors apart from the salt in your diet. There are simply no scientific studies to suggest eating pink Himalayan salt can benefit any of those aspects of your health.

Salt Benefits for Our Skin

1. Major Exfoliation

Body scrubs are a reasonably obvious indication that salt may be a great natural exfoliant, very similar to sugar, cosmetic chemist Ginger King points out. In face scrubs, salt helps slough away dead skin to decorate dull complexions. They are full of ultrafine granules that are less likely to cause damage. 

2. Deep Cleansing

Unlike sugar, salt incorporates a “slight edge due to its antimicrobial properties,” King says, and it’s often added to cleansers.

“Salt has absorbent properties and is, therefore, a decent ingredient to appear for if you want to alleviate congestion in your pores,” Arash explains. So, if you have got blackheads that won’t budge, something just like the Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm might do the trick.

3. Powerful Balancing

When you combine salt’s absorbent and antibacterial effects, Guanche says salt-infused skincare may help those with Acne. Cleansing your face with a salt-infused product is not the only thanks to putting salt’s blemish-busting powers to the test. Toners work well, too. 

If you have already got products labeled as balancing in your skincare routine, they’ll have good old common salt or seawater on their ingredients list. 

The Laneige Fresh Calming Toner and Kora Balancing Rose Mist, for instance, have salt in their formulas.

4. Anti-dandruff scalp treatment

Salt helps loosen and take away existing flakes while stimulating circulation for a healthy scalp. The ingredient also absorbs excess oil and moisture to stop fungal growth and inhibit the basis of dandruff.

5. Teeth whitener

Salt and sodium bicarbonate are both gentle abrasives that may help remove stains and brighten teeth. Salt also contains a natural fluoride source, which may be a bonus for your teeth and gums.

6. Natural mouthwash

Salt may act as a disinfectant to kill the bacteria, which will cause bad breath and gingivitis.

7. Nail brightening treatment

Salt softens cuticles and skin and strengthens nails. Bicarbonate of soda and lemon work to cut back yellowing and stains for brighter, healthier-looking nails.

8. Hair texturizer

Recreate the tousled hair texture that a dip within the ocean brings using your sea salt spray.

9. Eye de-puffer

Soothe puffy eyes and absorb excess fluid with the anti-inflammatory benefits of salt.

10. Facial toner

Nix excess oil and stop Acne with salt’s antimicrobial benefits.


Himalayan salt is, of course, rich in iodine. These blocks of opaque pink salt are known for a pure taste and infuse an expensive flavor. The eye-catching Acne color is thanks to the presence of iron oxide. 

The salt has a distinct structure. It has been maturing for over 250 million years under these gigantic hills and extreme tectonic pressure. It is mined, then washed by hand and natural and unprocessed, so it is famously called the purest salt.

People believe Himalayan salt has several benefits for our skin and use it to cure skin problems like Acne. 

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