Where to buy Himalayan Salt Lamp from?

Himalayan salt lamps are the unusual but newest form of health-conscious decor items that people buy for their home. No wonder natural Himalayan salt lamps are available in a wide range of colors and are known for creating a healthy indoor atmosphere. The health-conscious community is increasing with every passing day. Everyone is looking for […]

Neutralise electro-smog? Know the Himalayan remedy!

One of the most dangerous toxins in the current age is electromagnetic fields. Electronic devices such as computers, televisions, cordless phones and microwave ovens emit electromagnetic fields. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, miscarriage and thyroid malfunction are all linked with exposure to electromagnetic pollution. While EMFs are nearly impossible to avoid, we […]

Do Himalayan Salt Lamp ease coughing? Know here!

Have you ever considered buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp? If the answer is NO, you may want to consider buying one. The soft glow, and warm feeling it gives off are enough to invest in one. But what if these lamps did more than just make us feel all warm inside? The truth is that […]

Himalayan Salt Lamp Can Ease Cough, Insomnia and Anxiety

The himalayan rock salt lamp is carved out of pink Himalayan salt, which is harvested in Pakistan, majorly in the Himalayan mountain region. It has a peculiar look that emits a warm pink glow when lit. the heat from that bulb causes the salt to be released into the air—basically what you’d experience in a […]

How salt lamps benefit our daily lives?

Many ancient civilizations have taken himalayan salt as an important commodity and have known the advantages of getting Himalayan Salt Lamps for hundreds of years. While they make attractive decorative pieces for your home, these lamps are more than just decorative. For starters, they help in filtering the impurities from the air. The natural himalayan […]

Effective Ways To Get Clean Air At Home

5 Effective Ways To Get Clean Air At Home

The quality of air around us has a huge impact on our lives. Poor quality of the air could lead to heart diseases, strokes, etc. People go for health check-ups regularly but often underestimate the quality of air we breathe. Studies also say that the air we breathe inside our home is more polluted than […]

Wondering why everybody loves Salt Lamps? Know why!

While himalayan salt lamps are attractive pieces for your house, these are more than just decorative lights. The salt lamps have multiple benefits ranging from physical to psychological. Here’s all that you need to know. What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp? Himalayan crystal rock salt lamps are made from pink crystals mined from the edge […]

How to make your home more mindful?

How to make your home more mindful?

To achieve harmony is an ambitious goal. But as rightly said, it will come in short order once you achieve harmony within yourself. But with our current lifestyles, we are full of distractions. It’s hard to focus on the present when so much depends on what comes next. In order to successfully practice mindfulness, it […]

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