5 benefits of owning a salt lamp

5 benefits of owning a salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp has been a trend in households for quite some time, and

Here are just a few benefits that the salt lamps provide you.

  1. Offers quality sleep: In an environment with excessive positive ions, the oxygen and blood supply are reduced. However, the presence of a salt rock lamp releases negative ions increasing the oxygen and blood supply helping you sleep well. You can place this in your bedroom or resting area. The soothing warm glow calms the brain and produces the sleep chemical, Melatonin helping you feel sleepy faster.
  2. Improves breathing: Research suggests that the negative ions boost the cilial activity while the positive ions have a negative effect. Cilia are the microscopic hair lining the windpipe. In other words, the more negative ions in the air mean that the lungs are kept cleaner from the foreign particles. Hence, a unique himalayan salt lamp filters the air you breathe and keep your lungs clean.
  3. Improves the mood: Studies demonstrate that the negative ions can definitely benefit people suffering from seasonal depression and can help other forms of depression too. The high-density negative ion exposure was applied during the clinical trials. However, the ‘low-density group also experienced a 17% improvement. Claims say that the himalayan rock salt lamp boosts serotonin production. The only way to measure the serotonin content in the brain is by a painful and dangerous spinal tap so scientific studies rarely look at it directly.
  4. Increase your energy: The negative ions, oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron, are released by the pure himalayan salt lamp. These ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain making us feel more alert and awake. It’s like opening the window for some fresh air or taking a shower to wake up. The number of negative ions emitted is sufficient to boost your energy levels.
  5. Purifies the air: The salt lamp is known for its incredible benefits such as the power to remove pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air. The lamps are hygroscopic attracting and absorbing water molecules with contaminants inside from the environment trapping into the salt crystals. There is enough evidence of the health benefits of breathing salty air. However, a salt lamp isn’t particularly effective at spreading salt particles through the air but definitely purifies the air for breathing.

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