6 Special Corporate Gifts to Thank Your Employees and Clients

6 Special Corporate Gifts to Thank Your Employees and Clients


Corporate gift items are destined for the dusty corners of closets or desks, and you must be tired of giving the same corporate gifts; that is why we are here to help you out. This festive season we have arrived with a list of corporate gifts for employees with thoughtfulness and originality to become loved possessions. Also, this list of gifts will capture all your good memories with your clients and employees. 

So this festive season, you do not have to repeat the same boring gifts; have something unique corporate gift ideas for employees, and let them know how important they are for contributing all their time and efforts to the company. 

Immunity Teas

immunity teas

Taking immunity boosters can be difficult because of the ingredients, which becomes easier when you consume them just like your regular ones. If you are searching for a pack of immunity booster tea, we have the list of these healthy teas, which come in airtight test tubes.

What makes it special –  

  • The beneficial property of immunity tea can help strengthen the immune system and ward off illnesses. 
  • It contains antioxidants and the goodness of turmeric, black pepper, and ginger; it helps detox your body. This act like an antioxidant to keep you healthy and clean. 
  • Immunity teas are great for colds and coughs and reduce asthma symptoms. 

So all these brownie points are enough to make it special and to buy for your dearest client or employees. 

What it includes –  

These immunity teas come in airtight test tubes, which look aesthetically pleasing and, in every way, good for health. It is a great initiative to take care of your employees and clients working hard for the company. These immunity teas are available in different flavours that are listed below:

  • Kadha
  • Kashmiri Kadha
  • Turmeric detox herbal tea
  • Immunity booster
  • Detox green tea

It would be best if you give the pack of this airtight test tube immunity tea as a corporate gift hamper.

Why you should buy it –  

Besides boosting the immune system, it is a great tonic for arthritic pain and lowers blood pressure. So in every way, it will be beneficial, and this will be a great gesture from your side to take care of your employees and clients. 

Coffee De-Stress Kit

coffee de stress kit

Coffee De-stress kits are specially made from an additive and elevating aroma of fresh coffee grounds that make it so heavenly. 

What makes it special:- 

  •  This kit helps remove dark spots, and the extract from raw coffee greatly results in healing sun-damaged skin. 
  • This coffee de-stress kit is perfect for all occasions and ideal for everyone. 
  • This premium kit has an irresistible coffee aroma and suits all skin types. 
  • This is 100% natural and silicon free. 

What it includes:- 

This comes in luxe and premium gift boxes, making it an appropriate presentation for every celebration and occasion. This kit comes with a handcrafted premium wooden massager, one coffee body polishing oil, and a coffee body scrub. You can buy these gift boxes in bulk.

These products are perfect corporate Diwali gifts for clients

Why You Should Buy It?

A premium kit that can help your employees feel special and enjoy the little joys of life while de-stressing. The coffee scrub, body polishing oil, and wooden massager comes in a stunning gift box that can be further repurposed around the house. This kit can make up for an excellent gift for both your employees and clients who’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately. 

Ultrasonic Air Diffuser

ultrasonic air difuser

Have you ever thought that rather than just packing up and gifting up dry fruits, why not gift something that will improve the lifestyle?

What makes it special:- 

  • This ultrasonic air diffuser is designed uniquely, using water and ultrasonic vibrations to disperse essential oil molecules into the air via a fine mist that can be inhaled effectively and safely. 
  • This also functions as a humidifier; it allows you to get double benefits. 
  • Lemongrass aroma helps reduce hypertension and overwhelm, relieving aches from over-physical exertion and enabling positive actions and energy flow.
  • The lavender aroma helps reduction of anxiety levels, and the rose aroma helps in calming.

What it includes:-

Ultrasonic air diffusers come with a rounded wooden box, a diffuser, and three essential oils of 10 ml each. 

Why you should buy it:- 

The gift is a token of love, or you can say, a form of appreciation for all those employees and clients connected to you and the organisation. For the time being, ensure that your gift brings a smile to their faces. 

Seven Chakra Candles

seven chakra candles

Chakra defines the wheel of spinning energy as it regulates the flow of energy in the human body. However, sometimes these chakras become blocked because of external factors such as stress and physical or emotional problems.

What it includes:-  

Seven chakra candles in a box with seven multiple-colour candles. 

What makes it special:- 

  • If the body system can not flow freely, it is more likely to create trouble in personal and professional life. 
  • The consequences of these blocked chakras can be physical illness or emotional balance. 
  • Each chakra candle has its significance, and it helps in the removal of blockage. 

Why you should buy it:- 

Good health and well-being, everything can be achieved by balancing all these energies. If you feel that one of your chakras is not functioning properly, it can be reactivated by lighting up the appropriate candle. 

Keeping all these in mind, you can always consider giving it as a corporate Diwali gift for your client

Silver Shloka Agate Tea Light Holder

Silver Shloka Agate Tea Light Holder

Mantras have both physiological and psychological impacts on our bodies. This can be a unique way to chant mantras, and it will help to improve your mental and physical health. 

What it includes:- 

This box contains a silver mantra agate tea light holder. 

What makes it special:- 

Chanting shlokas every day lowers blood pressure and normalises heart rate, adrenalin levels, and brain wave patterns.

This reduces the cholesterol level as well. 

According to Vastu, keeping this on the workstation brings prosperity and growth in business.

Why you should buy it:- 

From the spiritual perspective and in every way, you are all set to gift your client in the upcoming festive season. 

Salt Lamp – Natural Purifier

salt lamp

When searching for corporate gifts for your employees, how can we forget to add salt lamps to this list? 

What makes it special:- 

  • Rock salt lamp serves the dual purpose of decor and wellness. 
  • These are great ionisers; objectives that release negative ions are believed to purify the air and promote good health. 
  • Research has shown that these lamps can help you relieve from:
  • Common cold
  • Mental health disorders
  • Curing skin problems
  • Migraines
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory illness
  • Headaches

What does it include:- 

This rock salt lamp has a wooden stand and comes along with a lamp.

Why you should buy it:- 

A glowing rock salt lamp in the living area can assist in natural healing, creating a calm environment. So you can always count this as a perfect new year’s corporate gift for your employees. Check out the collection of salt lamps here


Rangdaar offers you the facility to add a personal touch to your gifts and make your employees and clients feel delighted. Gifts that are available in our store are nothing like ordinary, so we make sure of one thing people who purchase gift materials from us will be remembered for gifting these for life. We pack all these gifts with warmth and love, and the receiver will feel that vibe. 

To know more about all other gift corporate gift ideas for employees, check out our store, or else you can contact our team to order your gifts for your next events. 

Share love and gifts with your hardworking employees and tell them how precious they are. Buy your favourite gifting kinds of stuff from Rangdaar. 

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