9 Reasons To Enlighten your home with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

9 Reasons To Enlighten your home with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps have great effects as well as amazing health benefits. They are stunning to look at.

Here are top 9 reasons to incorporate it in your homes

  1. Increase in Energy Levels – It is a known fact that having a Himalayan Salt Lamp on the inside of your home increases energy levels. You will feel a rise in energy levels because of the positive ions which the lamps release.
  2. Enlightening the mood – Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp around will naturally inhibit a better mood and greater concentration due to the chemicals present inside the lamps. It releases serotonin increases along with higher levels of oxygen and greater blood flow.
  3. Balancing the electromagnetic contamination – We are polluting the air with so many different energy waves and radiations from the appliances. The Himalayan Salt Lamps neutralize this radiation. You can keep it next to your electrical appliances.
  4. Treats the Seasonal Sentimental Syndrome – Another major reason to have a Himalayan Salt Lamp is that their soft, natural light relates to sunlight which will assist people who suffer from Seasonal Depression. It can brighten up your day and mood.
  5. Helps in easing of cough – Himalayan Salt Lamps help in easing the cough. When the lamp is heated, the salt will actually release purified water hazes back in the air of your home, ejecting the negative ions.
  6. Drop of the static voltage in the airwaves – It is a proven and known fact which will help diminish the static electricity within the airwaves simply from their natural purifying and emetic elements which radiate out when turned on.
  7. Calms Allergies and Reduces asthma – Himalayan Salt Lamps filter the dirt from the air inside. Most nasal saline sprays use salt to clear airways. The lamps similarly, reduce the allergic symptoms of all types. People consider it as a splendid respiratory aid helping sufferers of an asthma attack and other problems.
  8. Light source for the environment – The lamps are low wattage bulbs saving a great deal on energy and electricity. Research shows that Himalayan pink salt is intended to last around 350 years.
  9. Boosts the blood flow – Studies show that the flow of electrons increases blood flow. This helps fight many disorders and stops the specific injury to the legs. Placing a Himalayan Salt Lamp might help you with your blood flow.
Sonal Sareen
Sonal Sareen
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