Best home decor Vastu friendly products by Rangdaar

Best home decor Vastu friendly products by Rangdaar

Vastu Shastra holds a crucial role in our living. Though some people assume misconception about this science of architecture, it does not hold water down it’s essential. 

The science of architecture supported its nature of promoting design concepts regarding direction-specific study related to the muse of a house/building/plot/ or other structures. 

The final word purpose behind the appliance of Vastu Principles is to supply valuable advantages that get into the favor of the occupants of a Vastu-compliant home. 

The efficacy of Vastu science is that if its principles associated with the direction of your rooms and placement of home items are applied correctly in conjugation with the suggestions of a Vastu expert, then good benefits will happen in your life. 

Benefits like balancing positive cosmic energy around your surroundings, peaceful relationship, and eternal prosperity, further as success in your chosen endeavor will come around you; himalayan salt chunks have the power to do that for you. 

Naturally, you would like a bright, happy home! In there, comfort, warmth, beautiful decorations, and great ambiance should radiate a heartening glow. 

The Panchtattva (Five Elements) Theory and energies of the 16 MahaVastu zones together can provide you with all this plus a wonderful life. 

If you have got a decent main entrance, then decoration will enhance its energy-attracting quality further. If not, an easy Vastu consultation will facilitate your correction with a straightforward Vastu remedy. Just in case you want to use rangoli as decoration, some tips follow. 

Blue colour could affect your security within the South zone entrance, so use reminder red, orange, and purple, and triangular designs. If you are using mirrors to increase a missing or cut Vastu zone, it is very well.  

The mirror frame should be of the colour of the zone it is in. It will dilute the zones’ strengths in southern and western zones but is o.k. within the North and East. A himalayan salt lamp does wonders by spreading positivity all around your environment. 

List of Vastu Friendly Home Decore Items – Rangdaar 

Himalayan salt lamps

The vastu salt lamp absorbs water vapors from the atmosphere. This process is termed hygroscopic. Within the process, negative ions are produced. The bacteria, viruses are charged, and negative ions generated from the lamp neutralize them.

Negative ions do have some ability to scrub harmful particles from the air. When ions build au fait bacteria or pollen, they neutralize the pollutants. 

Studies suggest that negative and positive ions radiated by himalayan salt chunks may kill germs, though exactly how is not clear, and a few experts say the germ-killing could also be because of other reasons.


Wind chimes are a good thanks to adding beauty to your home and also bring positivity, peace, and happiness. Metal ornamentation are perfect for the north, the west, and therefore the northwest areas of the house, while wooden ones are best suited for the southeast, the east, and the southern regions.

Auspicious sign in the front entrance

Paint an encouraging sign or install an emblem on the highest of the outside door. the most effective option is to mend an authentic horseshoe manufactured from iron above the most entrance. However, finding a real horseshoe is not always easy, so it’s simpler to colour any auspicious sign above the most door. 

One thing to avoid is placing a statue or image of Ganesha above the most door. If the thought is to get rid of obstacles that prevent happiness, wealth, and success, then install a Ganesha image or idol on the wall behind the door so it is inside the house.

Fresh Flowers

The freshness of flowers is claimed to draw in positive energy and prosperity. Fill a vase with fresh flowers and place it on the centre table or the other place where it is most visible. the amount seven is believed to represent luck. So, you will consider incorporating the lucky number by placing seven stems within the vase.

Colours Around You

Colours make the house look lively and attract positive energy. Seek reasons to introduce colours into the house décor through art, artefacts, furnishings, and accessories. The colours of the rainbow can add sparkle to the house décor and bring fortune and prosperity to the house. Make sure that the things match with the décor theme or style within the home.


Principles of vastu explain why vastu Shastra is essential and an unavoidable need for each person to erect a house by purchasing a replacement plot of land or a replacement-ready home. 

Similarly, a residential property designed concerning vastu parameters is usually a house of positive energy force keeping its occupants in excellent good condition, further as growth and prosperity in their chosen endeavour. If you have himalayan salt chunks, they can be the best decoration for your home. 

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