Bursting Myths about Himalayan Salt Lamp

Bursting Myths about Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are looking for a good nightlight alternative that can soothe the senses & cure health problems, then a genuine himalayan salt lamp can bring your search to an end. Over the past few years, such lamps have become really popular.

A natural himalayan salt lamp is a lovely interior décor item. It is trendy and possesses many meditative and therapeutic benefits. Its natural color imparts a feeling of serenity and relaxes you completely.

Furthermore, it enhances the secretion of serotonin in the blood that makes you feel happy.

Why are salt lamps so popular?

Imagine a pink Himalayan rock salt lamp or an orange Himalayan salt lamp, which has just been added to the interiors of your home. Such an attractive addition! Such lamps are popular for two reasons – one because of the way they look (beautiful) and secondly, for the health benefits associated with them.

Whenever you are surrounded by the greenery of Mother Nature or are sitting & relaxing by the sea, a feel-good factor starts working within you. Similarly, the presence of a Himalayan salt lamp in your home makes you feel good.

In today’s world filled with hectic routines and stressed moments, the feel-good factor is just missing in a person’s life. Many sources suggest that a salt lamp is one of the things that you need to bring back happiness in your life.

Myths about the natural Himalayan salt lamp

There are a number of benefits of keeping a salt lamp at your abode. However, there are also some myths associated with it. Whenever you think of buying a Himalayan salt lamp or read about it online, these are the common questions that will surface in your mind –

Do salt lamps release negative ions?

Yes, salt crystals do release negative ions in small amounts. The key is to use these lamps consistently over time.

Electronic devices such as television and computers are said to form positive ions that cause allergies, insomnia, & stress. The negative ions go on to neutralize the positive ions and as a result, the air gets purified.

Is a Himalayan Salt Lamp Hygroscopic?

Salt is hygroscopic by nature, & hence, salt lamps are hygroscopic as well. Due to this quality, such a lamp can attract water vapor and the allergens, mold, and bacteria the vapor carries to its surface, thus cleansing the air in the process.

Can Himalayan salt lamps be harmful?

The heavy metal content of pink salt is not much, and hence, a salt lamp isn’t harmful for your health unless it is constantly licked. Just make sure you keep it out of the reach of your pets. If they end up getting addicted to licking the salt lamp, it may lead to salt poisoning or salt toxicity.

Can Salt lamps make you feel sick?

Not at all, Salt lamps can never make you feel sick. In fact, they release negative ions and not positive ions. It is the positive ions that cause insomnia, depression, irritability, lethargy, nausea, etc. Salt lamps are known to cure insomnia, anxiety, depression, and fill an individual with positive energy & a happy feeling.


Always ensure that you buy a good quality himalayan ionic natural salt lamp. Whether you want to buy a big or a small Himalayan salt lamp is completely your call. However, the bigger the lamp, the better the quality.

Also, purchase a salt lamp with a solid and not a substandard lamp holder for safety reasons.

Thinking of buying one? Look no further than Rangdaar for authentic Himalayan salt lamps. We give you extremely affordable yet superior quality options.

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