Himalayan Salt Lamp Can Ease Cough, Insomnia and Anxiety

The himalayan rock salt lamp is carved out of pink Himalayan salt, which is harvested in Pakistan, majorly in the Himalayan mountain region. It has a peculiar look that emits a warm pink glow when lit. the heat from that bulb causes the salt to be released into the air—basically what you’d experience in a salt cave on a much less expensive scale.

The salt lamps are said to cure or improve everything from insomnia and anxiety to skin conditions, simple congestion, and cold symptoms, among other ailments. Some studies suggest that overexposure to the positive ions can affect sleep quality. It can lower the blood and oxygen supply leading to non-uniform sleep patterns. The Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the air leading to a relaxing atmosphere for sleep, and helps to reduce anxiety. The dim light promotes sleepiness. But using the bright lights right before bed can delay the production of the sleep hormone.

In addition to this, the vulnerability to high levels of negative ions can improve the mood and increase levels of serotonin, which is the chemical in our brains involved in mood regulation. The salt lamps emit negative ions into the air, thereby increasing blood and oxygen to the brain, it is excellent at improving moods and reducing anxiety.

Another important advantage of negative ions discharged in the air by pure himalayan salt lamps is that it may shield against the airborne disease. The himalayan rock lamp permits the body to filter air more efficiently, which helps block any foreign particles from entering into the lungs. This may help stop coughing, sneezing, sore throats and other minor cold symptoms.

So if you really what to reap all the benefits of a pure rock himalayan salt lamp, be sure the salt lamp you buy is actually made from proper Himalayan pink salt and not other materials. If you’re not into the raw salt crystal shape, you can also find salt lamps shaped in various forms such as obelisks, pyramids, and the like. They also come in colors that aren’t pink!

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Sonal Sareen
Sonal Sareen
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