Premium yet Affordable Christmas Gift Items for Your Employees

The Christmas holiday season is about to end, no matter how freezing it is outdoors. The celebration of eating delicious foods and giving and receiving gifts from our loved ones to show our appreciation and affection. It’s that season when you curl up in bed and the travel season begins. Christmas cheer is not just for our families to enjoy at home. But we also spread the same happiness throughout our companies.

And let’s say you are a business owner or in charge of supervising a talented crew. In that case, Christmas Eve is the ideal occasion to show your appreciation for your employees and clients. However, buying presents might be challenging, especially if you need to buy Bulk Christmas gifts for employees.

For your company to succeed, it is essential to convey to your staff that they are valued. Employee retention increases due to this acknowledgment, which makes for happier, more loyal, and more productive workers. Hiring the best personnel and keeping them on board as you grow your business is important because it might be expensive to hire new employees.

We’re here to assist you in finding the ideal present. Check out these original corporate gift ideas for employees on Christmas.

Hexagonal Tea Light Holder

This presentation will aid in creating a cozy and delightful atmosphere because it was created by imaginative designers and craftsmen who painted and shaped diyas in unique forms and patterns. These days, brass diyas are fashionable and in style. Sending the set of 2 as a present is the perfect gesture.

Contents of the Box Include:

  • Two hexagonal tea light holders are included.
  • Two tealight candles in a set

Double wall Glass Gift Set

Changing your routine brings a touch of delight to your morning cup of coffee or tea. This chic, elegant double-layered glass will insulate your beverage, keeping it hot or cold for longer while the exterior remains soft to the touch, allowing you to cozy up to your beverage while enjoying a sip at the perfect temperature. Your drink appears suspended in the air thanks to a milky illusion of suspended liquid. A set of 4 Double Wall Glasses makes for the perfect gift set.

Contents of the Box Include:

  • Four double-wall 250 ml glasses
  • Hand-Crafted Drinking Glasses

What could be a greater Christmas present than a new set of cool and quirky glasses? Made from recycled bottles, these makeup for a unique Christmas present. Don’t worry; the edges are smooth. The cutting-edge design might make them the talk of the holiday party.

Stylish Serving Platter from Upcycled Bottle

Given the hue, a chic plate for Christmas is a thoughtful present that also fits with the holiday’s overall motif. You can serve your chips and dip in complementary bowls. Because the edges are flawless and not sharp, you may serve all the food you want in flair. With safety in mind, the edges have been rounded and smoothed.

Contents of the Box Include:

  • One Upcycled Bottle Platter
  • 2 Dip Bowls

Green Cardamom

Since ancient times, people have used cardamom as a spice and a form of medicine. Cardamom or Elachi has a distinctive perfume utilized to call upon and attract the powers of gods.

A quality gift speaks volumes about the thought that went into it. We created a corporate gift box with a marble degchi and a potli packed with top-notch elaichi in consideration of this.

Contents of the Box Include:

  • 100 gms A Potli with Elaichi
  • Degchi made from white marble.

Wooden Box – 4 Jars / Potlis

On Christmas Eve, who doesn’t enjoy snacking while watching Christmas movies? The ideal gift option is a box that has been carefully chosen, especially for Christmas items. Two potlis filled with your choice of delicious chocolates are included in this wooden treasure box. And to add to the fun, there are four glass jars full of nutritious dried fruits for you to snack on.

Contents of the Box Include:

  • Immunity tea in a potli, 100 gms.
  • Five chocolate dates in a Potli 
  • A jar filled with Almonds
  • Cashew Jar
  • Raisin Jar
  • Pumpkin Seed Jar

Seven Chakra Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

The ideal blessing is to wish for good health. Give someone a Christmas gift that keeps them healthy. The Rocksalt Lamp is decorative and it’s healthy. These excellent ionizers emit negative ions.

According to studies, these lamps can help with two things:

  • The common cold
  • Skin issues.
  • Mental illness problems
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Allergies

Double Wall Mug Tea

An eco-friendly package stuffed with health benefits would make a wonderful Christmas gift idea. A special corporate gift hamper has been assembled for all fitness freaks who love to keep themselves in tip-top shape. The box includes a pair of double-walled cups that give the impression that your beverage is floating in the air, two test tubes filled with organic tea that will speed up your body’s metabolism, and an attractive wooden box that is perfect for storage.

Contents of the Box Include:

  • Two double-walled mugs
  • Two tea-filled test tubes

Golden Frame & Coaster

Do you find it tough to get a gift for Christmas? Or do you need help deciding what to buy? Let us simplify that decision for you. A lovely golden leatherette with a printed glass frame for your special memory and two coasters that will complement your beverage will be provided. For orders with bulk gift boxes of more than 50 pieces, custom printing on the frame and the coaster is possible.

  • One glass frame: (4*6)
  • Two glass coasters: (4*4)


You must hang up on the ideal staff gifts that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Your staff is crucial to your company’s success, so showing your gratitude for all they do with a thoughtful gift is a great idea. Because it makes them feel like they’re doing a good job and that their supervisor has their back, employees frequently value praise more than bonuses. It’s beneficial for businesses to acknowledge their employees. Corporate gifts for employees on Christmas can attribute the corporate culture’s strength, positivity, and engagement to workplace recognition. Contact the Rangdaar Team for personalized corporate gift items, wholesale gift items, or more information about corporate gifting.

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