Reasons to Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp for Insomnia

Reasons to Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp for Insomnia

Himalayan Salt Lamp can help you sleep better. It purifies the air, neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, improves breathing and much more. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is the ultimate aid for natural sleep with a high success rate and no side effects.

How do Himalayan Salt Lamp Help Sleep?

Himalayan Salt Lamp is a potent sleep aid. Here are a few ways in which the lamps can help you sleep better –
  1. Cancel the electromagnetic radiation – Usage of electronic devices release positive ions. Scientists say that there is data that shows positive ions disrupting the sleep pattern. You tend to feel relaxed when you are on the beach. This is because the ocean waves and storms generate ions naturally. However, you can now generate your own negative ions with a Himalayan Salt Lamp for insomnia. These will help you breathe easily, decrease stress levels and improve the blood and oxygen supply.
  2. Purify the air – Some people have trouble sleeping at night because the nose gets blocked. If allergy problems keep you up at night, putting a Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great idea. They act as natural air purifiers and filter out the mold, dust and dander helping you sleep well.
  3. Tells the brain it is time to sleep – Anything which has a screen, fluorescent and LED lighting to emit blue light which contributes to insomnia. This blue light keeps the body from releasing the sleep hormone melatonin. The soft and orange glow of the Himalayan Salt Lamp helps to increase melatonin production naturally as it tells your brain that it is night and time to let it flow. In fact, it is a good idea to expose yourself to the orange light of the Himalayan Salt Lamp before sleeping. These are good nightlights and do not negatively affect your sleep pattern.

Curious? Try a Himalayan Salt Lamp for Insomnia.

Trying a Himalayan Salt Lamp may sound a little off but it is much better than trying other remedies for some sleep. But if something as simple as this can help you sleep better, why not? Himalayan Salt Lamps are a great option altogether! Check out the collection at Rangdaar!

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