Wondering why everybody loves Salt Lamps? Know why!

While himalayan salt lamps are attractive pieces for your house, these are more than just decorative lights. The salt lamps have multiple benefits ranging from physical to psychological. Here’s all that you need to know.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan crystal rock salt lamps are made from pink crystals mined from the edge of the Himalayas. The salt lamps range in color depending on the mineral concentration. The crystals are mined, hollowed out, and fitted with a bulb to provide both heat and light. The lamps can be used for several reasons such as stimulate relaxation, home decor, and create a balanced and mindful space. But did you himalayan salt lamps have health properties too that can improve your mind and body? Here’s how they work.

How do salt lamps work?

Salt is hygroscopic i.e. the salt attracts water molecules from the surrounding environment. Water molecules along with dust, pollen, mold, allergens, etc float in every room. A large block of salt, such as himalayan salt rock crystal works by attracting the water molecules in the room. In this process, it also pulls out the contaminants attached to the molecules. Hence, the salt lamps help to detoxify the room. Then, as the bulb heats the lamp, the water vapor is released back into the air, but the rock salt lamp retains the contaminants. Himalayan natural salt lamps release negative ions in the environment. These ions occur in nature via the effects of water, air, and sunlight. Nature has the ability to heal, and proponents of Himalayan salt lamps argue these pink salt rocks can mimic, to an extent, the feeling you get from being outside.

Are salt lamps safe?

All the naturally occurring minerals contain traces of heavy metals. These heavy metals are found in air, soil and food. The lead can pose a threat to health once they reach high levels. As these metals can exist on salt particles, some think salt lamps can pose a threat. Though pink salt has heavy metals, it’s not enough to pose a health risk. However, too much salt can be harmful to pets so it’s advised to keep Himalayan salt lamps out of reach og any household pet. Also, be sure that the himalayan salt crystal lamps are authentic to reap the full benefits.

What to look for in a salt lamp?

There are kinds of salt lamps that range in color to style. Among the most common are lamps created by inserting a light source directly into a salt crystal. In these cases, the differences are for the most part purely aesthetic, and your choice comes down to finding the right solution for your tastes and complementing the environment in your home. Be careful of lamps that give off too much light. Also, some salt crystal lamps are white. Himalayan white crystals do exist but are rare and expensive. So if you find a white salt crystal lamp and a low price, be cautious.

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