Matka Shape Himalayan Salt lamp

Matka Shape Himalayan Salt lamp


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A beautiful Matka Shape Salt Lamp creates a wholesome, upbeat environment in the home and workplace. They have a distinctive appearance and give off a comforting pink glow when lit. The salt used to make authentic Himalayan salt lamps comes from the Himalayan mountains. However, the negative ions released by your salt lamp can assist in removing these positive ions and promote oxygen flow to your brain. The answer to your problem is right here for all of our insomniacs. The negative ions are supposed to reverse the overexposure of the positive ions, which reduces the amount of oxygen and blood supply to the brain and produces a calming light.

Matka-shaped Himalayan salt lamp advantages include:

  • Make an environment that encourages meditation and relaxation.
  • Keeps the air clean
  • Helps fight Respiratory Conditions
  • Aids in Calm and Sound Sleep
  • Beneficial as per vastu

A Matka Shaped Himalayan salt lamp aids in fostering a positive atmosphere at home and work. A Himalayan salt lamp benefits the environment and your health in every room of the house. They might offer a charming touch to your home and enhance the relaxing ambience. They might contribute to dimmer evening lighting. You may breathe more easily, feel happier, and sleep better using Himalayan salt lamps. They establish a bond by combining the surplus positive ions produced by electronics and computers with the negative ions. The Matka shape adds an edge to the lamp and adds to the aesthetics of the lamp.

Why It’s Perfect for You!

Himalayan salt lamps release harmful ions into the air. Negative ions disinfect the air, lessen radiation, improve well-being, and calm the mind, body, and spirit. They also kill microorganisms. Health advantages Computers and other electronic devices are now necessary for our life, but they also put us at risk for illnesses like exhaustion, nausea, and tiredness.

Ideal as a gift on special occasions for close friends and family or your own personal recovery.

Additional information

Weight 3.750 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 20.5 × 20 cm

1 review for Matka Shape Himalayan Salt lamp

  1. Manpreet Singh

    The outcome was what I had anticipated. A beautiful lamp that would look great in my room. It produces just the right amount of calming light.

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