Himalayan Salt Lamp In Fire Bowl Shape For Healing, Harmony, And Purification

Himalayan Salt Lamp In Fire Bowl Shape For Healing, Harmony, And Purification

Have you just sat around the fire at a camp and stared at it? A fire is a natural, breathing thing that keeps changing and moving. This is why the Himalayan Fire Bowl-shaped lamp is getting so popular amongst people. It has the feeling of a live-fire pit but uses the unique himalayan salt chunks. Not only that, but you will also be impressed by the carving of the fire of the bowl itself. You and your friends are sure to get mesmerized by the Himalayan salt fire bowl from Rangdaar.

Not only do you get the energizing health benefits of the salt lamp, but it has been carved and shaped into a beautiful fire bowl. Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, the carved Himalayan fire bowl salt lamp is impressive, to say the least. Research suggests and shows that it has innumerable benefits and brings positivity to space. The beautiful himalayan salt lamp in the fire bowl shape is made with pure himalayan natural rock salt.

One of the major benefits of the himalayan salt lamp is the negative ions that protect us against the positive ions around us. Once we switch on the lamp, it starts getting heated and release negative ions balancing and protecting us against the positive ones. However, positive ions are present everywhere. It is emitted from our everyday appliances such as microwaves, mobile phone signals, etc.

The beautiful himalayan salt lamp from Rangdaar has several benefits for you and your family. The Himalayan natural rock salt is converted into beautiful artwork making it much more than just a decorative piece. The himalayan salt lamp works as a safeguard for us protecting us from the germs and unseen dangerous electric waves. We are clearly aware that these are not good for the health and cannot survive without modern technology so keep one in your space now.

Sonal Sareen
Sonal Sareen
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