Neutralise electro-smog? Know the Himalayan remedy!

One of the most dangerous toxins in the current age is electromagnetic fields. Electronic devices such as computers, televisions, cordless phones and microwave ovens emit electromagnetic fields. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, miscarriage and thyroid malfunction are all linked with exposure to electromagnetic pollution.

While EMFs are nearly impossible to avoid, we can take steps to reduce the negative impact. One method is through Halotherapy — otherwise known as dry salt therapy.

Happiness and Health with Himalayan Salt

For many years, spending time in the salt caves for their healing attributes has been a common practice. It was noticed that salt miners did not suffer from widespread respiratory illnesses, which were running rampant. Today, a variety of health issues are addressed through himalayan salt. When salt is inhaled, it travels via the respiratory system and absorbs the extra moisture, clears mucus, reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. The negative ions help to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood — especially to the brain and improves the functioning of the body. Hence, in this age we are bombarded by positive ions, which is why making a conscious effort to introduce negative ions into our surroundings is becoming increasingly important. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of Himalayan crystal salt lamps.

Reap the benefits of Salt Lamps!

The Himalayan salt lamps aren’t just a soothing addition to the environment, they also improve clarity, sleep, disposition and overall health. The secret behind Himalayan salt lamps is their ability to generate negative ions and dry out the air — which helps to reduce airborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria and mold.

3 Principles at work with Himalayan crystal salt lamps:

  1. Ionization
  2. Electromagnetic oscillation
  3. Transparent-crystalline structure developing the light waves

For optimum benefit, place the lamp in areas where you spend a good deal of time which have high levels of positive ions — such as by your computer, television and next to your bed. Since children are especially sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, make sure to have at least one
salt lamp within their bedroom to reap the full calming benefits.

Without a doubt, Himalayan salt lamps are an excellent first step to reduce health effects associated with electro-smog. Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps Online from Rangdaar for the best possible results!

Sonal Sareen
Sonal Sareen
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