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We need light for visibility but the lighting fixtures that we use frequently are overly bright and emit overwhelming light, which is harmful to our eyes. Fortunately, with the invention of electric Himalayan salt lamps, you can enjoy a soothing and warm light without having any harsh impact on your eyes.

Rangdaar offers you both small and large Himalayan salt lamps that emit pinkish-orange colour to offer the right amount of brightness while elevating your mood. You may buy electric Himalayan salt lamps in the colour that suits your interior decor, as well as soothes your senses.

The Himalayan Lava lamp comes in various shapes and sizes. You can invest in either a small or large size Himalayan salt lamp in different shades while enjoying the benefits of salt rock lamps. Besides their visible effect within your home interior, a unique Himalayan salt lamp possesses the ability of hygroscopy that absorbs water vapours, as well as microbes, from the indoor air.

The colour difference in the Himalayan rock lamp can be determined by different minerals found in the salt rocks. For example, the Himalayan glow salt lamp attains its pink glow from minerals containing iron oxides in higher traces; whereas the white coloured Himalayan salt lamp attains its crystal white looks due to the absence of minerals containing iron oxide in it. However, you can easily purchase these varying salt lamps online with the additional benefit of free shipping. The Himalayan salt lamp cost differs due to the various types of rock minerals.

After replacing your regular light source with the all-natural Himalayan salt lamp, you can notice an improvement in your indoor air quality and ambience of the living space. These natural light sources also minimize the impact of air pollutants and allergens found in the surrounding air.


If you want to Buy Himalayan salt lamp for your house or workplace and are confused about the size or shape, you can look at our exclusive carved salt lamps that can be a pristine decor element for your interior. These lighting fixtures also help in casting a regal shine to your living space while creating a serene environment. Our Himalayan salt lamps are suitable for people seeking relaxation after a long day at work. These natural lamps mimic a row of subtle torches that emit warm glow into any indoor or outdoor space.

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