Brass Peacock Himalayan Salt Lamp

Brass Peacock Himalayan Salt Lamp



Rangdaar Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp (Table) Brass Peacock Motif with Wooden Base for Healing, Harmony, Positive Energy and Air Purification (Pink) – 3-4 kgs

The salt lamp is made of seasoned mango wood and solid chunks of natural salt. Brass designer Peacock is placed on the salt. Salt are known to have an array of potential miracles listed below –

1. Air Purification: Believed to release negative ions that may improve indoor air quality.
2. Mood Enhancement: Creates a calming atmosphere for relaxation and stress reduction.
3. Sleep Improvement: Provides a soothing light conducive to better sleep.
4. Reduced Electromagnetic Radiation: Suggested to absorb radiation emitted by electronic devices.
5. Increased Energy Levels: Alleged to boost energy and combat fatigue.
6. Enhanced Concentration: Thought to improve focus by creating a balanced environment.
7. Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a unique, visually pleasing element to room decor.
8. Mindfulness and Relaxation: Encourages mindfulness and relaxation practices.

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Brass Peacock Salt Lamp is both functional and decorative. This is a great ionizer because it releases negative ions into the air to purify and improve the health of those around.

Himalayan salt lamp benefits can enhance your work environment, improve concentration, cure skin problems, and relieve allergies. Combined hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, and chloride ions in the ambient air surrounding the Himalayan Pink Rock salt lamp help cure mental health disorders. Purified air is useful for relieving upper respiratory infections.

An attractive centerpiece for any room’s dark corner or reception table, it naturally resembles a bowl of fire. You can create a calming environment by placing a glowing rock salt lamp in your living area. The natural himalayan salt lamp is also very effective in reducing fatigue and EMF (electromagnetic pollution) created by office equipment, including computers and mobile phones.

Why It’s Perfect for You!

This fantastic Brass Peacock Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is what you need to bring positivity to your surroundings and, most importantly, to your mind, along with organically aesthetic decor to your home.

The gift can also be put on a desk, in your home, or another location as a lovely gifting idea on a wide range of occasions, including the new year, Diwali, Deepawali, Christmas, the new year celebrations for newlyweds, Valentine’s day, friendship days, return gifts for kitty parties, house blessings, and corporate gifts, etc.

Additionally, it makes an excellent corporate gifting choice. If you’re looking for Diwali gifts for employees or need to order bulk corporate gifts for clients, this salt lamp is a unique and thoughtful option. Whether it’s for the new year celebrations, Diwali, Christmas, Valentine’s day, friendship days, return gifts for kitty parties, house blessings, or corporate events, this Himalayan salt lamp is a versatile choice that conveys warmth and positivity.”

Additional information

Weight 3.40 kg
Dimensions 7.62 × 15.24 × 17.78 cm

16 reviews for Brass Peacock Himalayan Salt Lamp

  1. Maqsood Alam

    The product looks authentic and is of good quality. Currently, it is working fine. Proper packing was done for the lamp since it is quite heavy. I am satisfied with my purchase.

  2. Mehak Sharma

    I really like the product and positive energy into it. Packaging is also very good. Will look forward to Order more products from Rangdaar.

  3. Nilanjana

    I love collecting lamps and this is perhaps the most beautiful and genuine one that I possess.

  4. Manoj Shetty

    Overall the Product is very good, it was excellently packed and it was meant as a gift to my younger brother who loved it a lot.

  5. Nina Dubey

    Thank you. It brings a lovely happy glow in the corner of my home. I like the peacock shape of the lamp I got.

  6. Anupam Agarwal

    I give it a 5/5. There’s nothing bad about the product. It looks nice and feels great, the quality is good, and everything works great. The bulb needs to be changed from time to time. While I’m still determining energy usage, I’m quite fond of it when it’s lit with yellow light.

  7. Shankar Prasad

    Extremely good product. Build quality best. It is best for decorating your home.

  8. Shalini Sharma

    I love my peacock salt lamp. It’s so pretty at night and I love that you can dim it.

  9. Rajni Jain

    Wonderful!! Extremely beautiful & soothing!! Loving its presence in my living room.

  10. Avijeet

    The Brass Peacock Himalayan Salt Lamp is a stunning addition to any room. Its warm, ambient glow and intricate peacock design create a soothing and visually pleasing atmosphere.

  11. Ankur

    This salt lamp not only illuminates beautifully but also adds an elegant touch to your decor. Its unique blend of brass and Himalayan salt makes it a conversation starter.

  12. Celesty

    Absolutely stunning, love the peacock design!

  13. Ananat

    Creates a cozy vibe, a great addition to my room.

  14. Pragya

    Works as a nightlight and looks awesome!

  15. Kansihka Singh

    Love my peacock lamp! It adds a calming effect to my room. The positive aura it creates is fantastic.

  16. Harsha Thakur

    This salt lamp is a game-changer. It brings a soothing ambiance and enhances concentration!

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