Health benefits of Pink Himalayan rock salt lamp

Health benefits of Pink Himalayan rock salt lamp

There are two kinds of people. One kind includes those who are least bothered about their health, and the other section consists of all those people for whom their wellness is their topmost priority.

Nowadays, most individuals seek natural healing options for various ailments. In fact, there is one such remarkable product available in the market that can work wonders for your health.

Did you know about the immense health benefits that are associated with the pink Himalayan rock salt lamp? Well, the pink rock salt lamp is a beautiful interior décor piece that lights up the unconventional way towards wellness.

About Pink Himalayan sea salt lamp

The pink Himalayan sea salt lamp is made of a big pink Himalayan salt crystal with a small light bulb inside. The salt is mined in Pakistan, mostly in the Himalayan mountain region. The Himalayan crystal salt lamp looks unusually attractive and when lit, it radiates a warm pink glow.

This kind of lamp, if a genuine one, is made from the edible salt that is used for the purpose of seasoning food. It is very useful as a nightlight alternative.

Besides, it releases negative ions in the air, and thus, works well as a natural air purifier. The natural air purifying himalayan salt lamp is responsible for lessening airborne allergens.

Is himalayan pink salt good for you?

Yes, Himalayan pink salt is the purest salt on the entire planet, and the presence of magnesium, potassium, and calcium makes it great for your health. Here are 5 reasons why a Himalayan pink salt is a healthy option –

  • Use Himalayan salt to make sole water. Adding 1 teaspoon of sole water to one glass of plain water and then drinking this every morning helps flush out toxins & enhances energy levels. The best part is that you stay hydrated always.
  • Maintains hormonal balance & controls blood sugar levels
  • Leads to the improvement of digestion
  • Himalayan salt (therapy) can help in getting rid of respiratory problems, seasonal allergies, as well as chest congestion.
  • A Himalayan brine bath is good for your dermal health as it helps in rejuvenating the skin.

Meditative and Therapeutic Benefits of pink rock salt lamp

  • Himalayan salt lamps are known to improve one’s mental health. Do you suffer from anxiety and constant panic attacks? No worries. These lamps will calm your nerves and keep you relaxed.
  • It increases serotonin (happy hormone) levels in the blood, thus leading to enhanced energy & acting as a mood booster. Those suffering from depression will find the lamps extremely helpful
  • The lamp’s dim orange-pink colour can help you get sound sleep at night. Insomniacs, are you listening?
  • These lamps keep the lungs clean. Consequently, you will experience an improvement in breathing.
  • Reduces stress & helps concentrate better. As a result, you perform well in your tasks and it’s smooth sailing throughout the day.

Does himalayan salt detox your body?

Detoxing your body with the help of Himalayan salt is an extremely affordable and simple process. The 3 most common ways of detoxification using Himalayan salt are –

  1. Himalayan Salt Bath
  2. Himalayan Salt Foot Bath and Lamp Detox
  3. Consuming Himalayan Salt Sole (Water) every morning


Using Himalayan salt lamp at home or in your workspace can prove really beneficial. Just make sure you buy good quality and genuine salt lamp from a reliable manufacturer.

Rangdaar offers you both small and large Himalayan salt lamps that radiate pinkish-orange hues to generate the right amount of brightness while elevating your mood. You may buy salt lamps in the color that suits your interior decor, as well as soothes your senses.

Our beautifully constructed Himalayan pink salt lamps are for sale and are suitable for people seeking relaxation after a long day at work. These natural lamps mimic a row of subtle torches that emit a warm glow into any indoor or outdoor space.

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