Here's How Himalayan Salt Lamps Help Alleviate Anxiety & Depression

Here’s How Himalayan Salt Lamps Help Alleviate Anxiety & Depression

In this world of technology, it seems that stress and anxiety have been on rise for sometime. There are many natural remedies for anxiety but Himalayan Salt Lamps are a new and viable solution today.

The wireless technology releases positive ions in the environment which cause the systems to become imbalanced and raise the levels of stress and anxiety. The negative ions in the nature helps to combat anxiety which explains why many of us feel more alert and energized while outside.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are pure pieces of large Himalayan Salt carved in a lamp with a small bulb placed on the inside. They come in a variety of sizes and you can place them around our house wherever you desire. Rangdaar, a leading online platform sells Himalayan Salt Lamps at amazing prices helping you create a more relaxing environment for yourself.

Himalayan Salt Lamps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. It contains 84 trace materials essential to your health. The himalayan salts regulate the water content in the body promoting a healthy pH, regulating sleep, helping to keep the bones strong and a lot more. Therefore, it is no surprise that Himalayan Salt Lamps have multiple benefits.

Today, we have become so overpowered with what we call ‘electronic smog’ from the radioactive waves from technology. Our electronic items emit harmful waves anytime we have them on and can disturb sleep, cause mental problems and deadly diseases.

Therefore, it is vital to do all we can in order to neutralize the damaging positive ions by bringing as much nature as possible into the house. In addition to Himalayan Salt Lamps, you can also place small plants to increase the oxygen levels and negative ions.

However, It is helpful to have as many Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home as possible. Try placing one in each of your bedrooms. The bigger lamp you buy, the more negative ions it will release in the room. So keep this in mind while shopping for your salt lamp and reap the multiple benefits!

Sonal Sareen
Sonal Sareen
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