Himalayan Salt Lamps FAQ - Your Questions Answered with Rangdaar!

Himalayan Salt Lamps FAQ – Your Questions Answered with Rangdaar!

Himalayan Salt Lamps have gained popularity and for the right reasons. The multiple benefits one can experience in a salt lamp are incredible. Buying Himalayan Salt Lamps can be tricky so here is a guide by Rangdaar to answer all your questions!

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

A Himalayan Salt lamp, unlike the salt which we get from the sea, is mined from Pakistan by skilled workers. Since it is unique to this region, it is important to find this out before buying it. These lamps are not exactly cheap and are very aesthetically pleasing, soothing to the eye with several beneficial properties.

What are these lamps used for?

Himalayan Salt Lamps have multiple uses. These work as air purifiers, helps asthmatic patients breathe better and reduces the chances of allergies. It also helps in strengthening your immune system too. The salt lamp helps in spreading positive energy around it and helps you sleep better. With a soothing glow emitted from the salt lamp, it automatically helps to calm you down and spread a peaceful aura around the house. It is also very aesthetic and works as wonderful home décor.

Where can you purchase himalayan salt lamp?

The Himalayan Salt Lamps can be found in a few shops around the country, but the best deals are found online. They exhibit a wide range of collections with specific features and reviews from valued customers. The himalayan rock salt lamp reviews are also helpful in narrowing down the search and give a good idea about the quality of the product so it is suggested to buy Himalayan Salt Lamps online.

Why do salt lamps sweat?

When the lamps are exposed to hot and humid areas, they start sweating. Hence, they should be stored in a cool and dry area and be neatly packed in an air-tight packet and stored away. Also remember, the salt lamp should never be exposed to any source of water, and when required to be cleaned, it should either be patted dry, or a moist cloth should be used to clean the accumulated dust.

Does the lamp need to be switched on to work?

The lamp usually consists of a bulb that is not LED and has heating properties. The heat helps in the effective functioning of the salt. Hence, the lamp does need to be switched on to work.

What size would you require for different sized rooms?

A large room cannot be expected to be cleaned with a small salt lamp. The reference to be used is, one pound of the salt lamp for 16 square feet area.

Where can you keep the salt lamp?

As the Himalayan Salt Lamp has many benefits, using it in the driest areas of the house is useful. It can be placed in bedrooms, living room, study area or even your dining room, office spaces, etc. But make sure to keep them away from bathrooms and kitchen, as they may get wet or spoilt.

How to store the lamp when you are not using it?

The salt lamp should be wrapped in plastic and airtight. Keep the cord separately to prevent the damage to the lamp.

Which lamp is better – White or Grey/Black or Pink Salt Lamp?

The black variant is the rarest of all and the most expensive. The benefits differ a little and so do the light and intensity with which it emits.

How long will the Himalayan Salt Lamps last?

Salt is a mineral that never expires. The durability is forever, provided it does not break or melts. Proper care and maintenance can take you a long way so do not worry about it going bad!

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