Know in detail about Pyramid Rock Salt Lamp

Know in detail about Pyramid Rock Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are made from the beautiful pink Himalayan Salt which is known to be mined from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. These lamps have hygroscopic properties and can readily absorb the moisture out of the air. The natural color of the salt lamp creates an orangish or pinkish hue which can add beauty to any decor.

The himalayan salt lamps make a great addition to any space: in your bedroom, at the office, by your computer, next to the television, or anywhere else to brighten a space with a beautiful glow. For maximum benefits, the best pyramid rock salt lamp sellers recommend leaving your lamp on as much as possible.

The pyramid-shaped salt lamps can interactively blend the properties with the health benefits of the pure and ancient Himalayan salt. They offer an elegant, exotic, and modern decor look to space. The pyramid himalayan salt lamp is hand-chiseled in a perfect geometric pyramid to harness the natural properties and instinctive energy while maximizing the therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of Rock Salt Lamp :

  1. Soothes the atmosphere in the room and protects your body from the electronic devices and towers which produce harmful positive ions.
  2. An ideal buy for the feng shui lovers.
  3. Acts as an antiseptic that protects from colds and germs.
  4. Can be used as a nightstand or as a decorative piece for the house or room.
  5. The lamp can help recharge the body with negative ions, especially in the winters.

How to care for your salt lamp?

The salt lamps have hygroscopic properties and can readily absorb moisture out of the atmosphere. In order to dust your salt lamp, wipe the lamp with a damp cloth. The salt lamps may sweat with excessive humidity. If the moisture begins to collect on the surface of your himalayan salt lamp, turn it off and wipe it down with a cloth. You should also place a dish or coaster under the salt lamp to protect the delicate surfaces.

In order to buy salt lamp online, visit Rangdaar now! However, the size and colour shades might differ from lamp to lamp as the product comes from nature and is made of real salt.

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